This blog is to share our stories as we build a shipping container home (yay tiny living!) in Vanuatu and raise our toddler.

I’m Lexy and my husband is Steve. We are originally from the USA and came to Vanuatu as Peace Corps Volunteers. We were on one of the remote outer islands (Maewo) for 2 years and then moved to Efate Island, which is home to the capital city, Port-Vila.

Even though we finished our Peace Corps service, we’ve decided to stay abroad. We’ve fallen in love with the way of life in Vanuatu and are happy to be raising our son here, who spends most of his time picking up shells and sticks, and playing with other children.

We also host a free playgroup at our place, which we call “Vitamin Sea

After one of the playgroups, a parent wrote to me and said:

“Thanks so much for having us. You guys have a truly magical spot there where the jungle meets the ocean.”

And it clicked! All of our neighbors have cleared their lots, but we’ve left a lot of our bush/jungle in place! When we walk through it to get to the ocean, we momentarily feel like we’re back in the village, on the remote island where we were Peace Corps Volunteers. We walk through this little bit of jungle and out to the ocean and feel immediate peace. This is all I’ve ever wanted in life. This is what I want for my children. To be in nature. To be calm. To feel happy and complete.

That’s where our blog name came from . . . where the jungle meets the ocean. It’s our home.

Hopefully we can capture & convey these feelings through sharing our writing, photos, and videos.

Love, Peace, and Happiness