Watercolor Bubbles & Hibiscus Bubbles with All Natural Bubble Wands

From the July 8, 2019 Vitamin Sea Playgroup

Watercolor Bubbles

At today’s play group we made art with bubbles!  I bought bubble solution at the local grocery store, and divided it out into individual jars.  I then added food coloring to each jar, which was also purchased at the same grocery store.  

Blow the bubbles onto paper and ta-dah! ART!  

The store only had green, black, yellow, and red food coloring so we couldn’t quite operate with all the primary colors as we didn’t have blue.  Primary colors cannot be mixed from other colors as they are the source of all other colors. If we had the primary colors it would have been a great homeschooling exercise to discuss how colors mix together, but it was still pretty nonetheless! I almost didn’t buy the black food coloring, but I’m glad I did because it turns up light grey on paper, which I think looks really nice!

For my 15 month old, he had more fun chasing bubbles randomly than making the bubble art. I imagine with a slightly older age group, they’d be into the color part of it more.  We also experimented with using clothing pegs to attach paper to hand fans, so that toddlers could swat the bubbles with the fans.  

This sort of worked, but might be more fun for older children.  Using bubbles in this way provides a sort of age-continuum activity!  The littles can simply chase the bubbles while anyone a bit older can focus more on the art aspect.

Food coloring is also great to use as edible water color paint for toddlers.  I’ve shied away from arts and crafts with my toddler as inevitably paint, glue and all sorts of chemical laden arts and crafts supplies end up right in the mouth, faster than I can blink!  But by adding just a bit of food coloring to water, you have edible watercolors. Now we can paint with freedom! 

I do have to warn you though,

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